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VIM Newsletter 1 February 2018

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Our main outcomes:

Research: Find here the summary our research activities aimed to identify good practices in terms of promoting health prevention among migrants and training needs as basis for the development of our small training units.

European Research Report (full version in English)

Executive summary in EN, DK, DE, GR, ES, IT

VIM in Practice: Find here the an overview of the 6-month piloting phase of the VIM Project. The report provides an overview of the learning outcomes gained through the national pilots, on the one hand, and describes the main points of feedback gathered from the participants, on the other hand. It also highlights the achievements, successes, challenges met, solutions found, and recommendations for future users.

European Practice Experience Report (full version in English)

Executive summary in ENDKDE, EL, ES, IT

Educational guidelines: The educational guidelines supplement the VIM training material on the Hub. They shall serve as a source of inspiration for trainers to include health-related topics in their courses, without losing sight of the different cultural conceptions of body and health and sensitive factors in migrant health education such as religion and gender. A specific chapter provides information on how to use LEVEL5 to assess learning outcomes.

VIM Educational guidelines (in English)