The main project activities will be:

  • Stocktaking and needs analysis:
    Conducting qualitative interviews with educational and social professionals about learning needs, most relevant topics and suitable approaches in the partner countries
    Collecting good practice in terms of existing health education resources (for migrants)
    Analysing the “old” Health Box to identify training units suitable for continued use/adaptation to specific needs of the target group
    Defing topics and materials which will have to be newly developed
  • Establishing educational guidelines for educators with the aim to:
    – introduce the relevance of health education issues for migrants
    – inform on the project’s methodological approach
    – give guidance on how the training can be used in different settings
  • Developing paper-based and multimedia training and learning materials (micro-units) on key areas of migrant health education inclucing concise explanation how to use each resource and in which context(s)
  • Setting up a Moodle-based platform for educators with the project’s resources, other useful learning and information and networking opportunities
  • Conducting national pilots:
    Piloting the learning resources in the partner countries
    Documenting and analysing the national pilots
    Collecting lessons learnt and setting up recommendations for their further use